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Pet ownership after a divorce

Although many Florida pet owners believe that their dogs and cats are members of the family, the law does not usually treat them this way. Instead, pets are treated like property during divorce and are subject to the marital property division. However, courts can consider a number of factors when determining to whom to give the family pet.

Social media and divorce are often a dangerous combination

If you're anything like the average American, you've gotten used to wearing your heart on your sleeve - or more precisely, on your Facebook page. The social media craze has given each of us a public platform. From it, we boldly share the details of our daily lives and give unsolicited opinions on even the most trivial topics.

Interviewing your potential family law attorneys

When you are facing the challenges of a divorce, a child custody issue, a child support dispute, a paternity action or a domestic violence situation, it is important that you retain experienced legal counsel. However, not every family law attorney approaches these matters in the same way. You need to find an attorney who you feel comfortable with, whose approach fits your needs and who will work with you to achieve your specific goals.

Is collaborative divorce a good fit for you?

When a couple decides to separate, the reasons behind this split are often complex. Sometimes couples have begun to loathe each other and sometimes abuse drives spouses apart. But most often, couples simply come to the conclusion that they would both be happier if they moved forward in life as single people. In cases involving spouses who are in a position to divorce relatively amicably, a collaborative family law process may be the best fit.

Unique alimony award includes stipend for ex's ice cream habit

One of the most controversial family law issues here in Florida is alimony, which is sometimes called spousal support. For the last several years, a public debate has been raging between those in favor of overhauling Florida’s alimony laws (especially the fight to end permanent alimony) and those who want to keep current laws in place.

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