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What to expect when relocating with your child

Post-divorce relocation is an option that some parents may take after their divorce is finalized. This can be for many reasons, such as better jobs, more opportunities for their child, or a safer and more stable living environment. However, there are some potentially negative hurdles as well.

New Florida law changes the way alimony is decided

An often contentious debate in a divorce settlement is over the awarding of alimony payments to one of the spouses. In Florida, it has been a long-standing option for courts to decide that a spouse should be given alimony payments for an indefinite amount of time, even until the spouse’s death. However, this has attracted a lot of negative attention in recent years as critics claim that the law is unfair.

Reasons to have a prenuptials agreement

Divorce is something that some Floridian couples may have to face someday. Because of that possibility, some people view prenuptial agreements as a wise investment. Here are a few reasons supporting the choice for partners to make a prenuptial agreement before marriage.

Preparing your child for your divorce

Divorce is a big and potentially traumatic life change. It can be particularly difficult for kids to handle. Because of this, divorcing parents in Florida should be prepared to sit their children down and talk them through what is happening in order to limit the negative impact that the divorce may have.

What courts examine when parental relocation is requested

Parents in Florida may wish to relocate with their child after a divorce for many reasons. Whether it’s for personal, monetary, or economic purposes, the move must be in the best interest of the child. This is determined by courts who examine several things before making a decision.

The importance of creating a solid visitation schedule

Working out a custody visitation schedule can be difficult even if both of the parents are on good terms. However, there are certain rules and guidelines that can be followed in order to map out custody and visitation plans. This can make life much easier for both parents.

Learning where alimony fits into your divorce

Getting a divorce can be more complex and involved than some people may anticipate. Outside of the emotional aspects of handling a divorce, there are also documents to file and many pieces of legal paperwork to keep track of. Some divorcing couples may also need to deal with alimony, which is common in divorces.

Understanding debt division in a divorce

The property division settlement in a divorce can have a long-lasting impact on Florida residents. People can struggle for some time after a divorce is finalized to get back on their financial feet in part due to the asset losses they encountered. This situation can be exacerbated if they are also required to pay alimony and child support to their former husband or wife. On top of this, divorced people can find themselves responsible for debt they did not believe they had to repay.

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