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What is a supervised visitation?

Florida couples who officially split will still have more hurdles ahead of them after their divorce. One of the biggest potential hurdles is visitation rights, which will determine how often you may be able to see your child based on various circumstances.

What is sole custody?

As a Floridian parent going through divorce, you may wish to have sole custody of your child by the end of the process. However, there are several things you should know about filing for sole custody before you attempt to pursue it.

Why should you, as an unmarried parent, seek custody orders?

Under Florida law, unmarried parents such as yourself will need to go to court in order to settle any outstanding custody issues. This is true even if you and your partner still get along after deciding to split, because things may not always be good between the two of you.

Benefits and duration of temporary custody of extended family

If your children have become unable to continue parenting for one reason or another, then you may feel like it is your duty to step in and raise your grandchildren. We at Michelle A. Barry aim to provide facts regarding why it would benefit you to gain legal authority during this time.

Valid reasons to relocate post-divorce

Some Floridian parents may wish to relocate with their child after a divorce. However, the court will usually only allow relocation for certain reasons. Unfortunately, these reasons may not apply to every parent who wants to move and it will be up to the court to determine if the request is justified.

Understanding temporary custody of children

Child custody is frequently considered to be an issue in divorce cases. While certainly this is true, a divorce is far from the only time that a child custody dispute or issue in Florida may arise. Additionally, it is not only a parent who may seek a child custody order. Grandparents’ rights and even the rights of others may be exercised if it is in the best interests of the child.

What you should know about relocation cases in Florida

If you are ending a long, term romantic relationship or are just emerging from a divorce, chances are that you are considering a move away from the Orlando metro area. Moves after the end of a relationship are not uncommon, whether it is to spite the ex or for the mental and emotional health of one of the parents.

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