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Posts tagged "biological father"

Jason Patric child custody case raises larger issues about dads

Actor Jason Patric is fighting for custody of his son Gus, but the case is bringing to light some greater concerns about fathers. Gus was conceived through in vitro fertilization and, according to his mother, Patric did not indicate he wanted paternity rights. Yet, Patric claims that as the biological father he has rights. Courts have so far denied Patric's requests, opening a debate about what makes someone a father, a topic of interest to many in Florida.

Paternity suit filed against NBA player

A 24-year-old Miami woman has filed an action against Indiana Pacers NBA star, Paul George. In the action, the woman seeks to establish George's paternity and child support obligations for a child born in May 2013. The suit was filed in the Manhattan Family Court.

Paternity test reveals girl's father is not biologically related

A growing number of couples are relying on non-traditional insemination and fertilization methods to have children. This sometimes means that the child or children they have may not share DNA with both parents.

Paternity dispute: Woody Allen's son may actually be Sinatra's

At the heart of many child custody and child support disputes lies one important question: who is the child's father? It is particularly important to establish paternity through DNA testing when the parents are unmarried or in cases where paternity is uncertain or disputed.

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