Not Just An Attorney, But A Caring Counselor And Advocate

At the Central Florida law firm of Michelle A. Barry, P.A., we pride ourselves on providing personal care and service specifically tailored to your individual needs. Whether you come to us for help with a divorce or a family law case or for estate planning and probate assistance, Ms. Barry is dedicated to guiding you through the process in the most effective and stress-free manner possible.

We Use The Law To Help People Find Peace

When you come to a lawyer, it is often because you are going through a difficult and emotional part of your life, such as a divorce or a dispute with your ex-spouse. Other times it is because you want to take active steps to protect your family from unnecessary stress and worry in the future. Regardless of the exact reason you need legal help, we want to help you find peace of mind.

The word "peace" takes on an additional meaning when it comes to our approach toward divorce representation. As an acronym, P.E.A.C.E. is an easy way to remember the issues that need to be resolved during a divorce:

Parenting — child custody and visitation arrangements in your children's best interest
Equitable distribution — dividing your marital assets and debts fairly
Alimony — whether a dependent spouse will need financial support
Child support — each parent's responsibility for supporting the children
Everything else — all the other divorce-related concerns you have

More than a mere guide to memory, however, the acronym P.E.A.C.E. reminds us that your divorce affects many parts of your life, and while most of the issues are the same for everyone, your situation is unique. No cookie-cutter approach will get you an outcome that truly addresses your individual family's needs or answers all of your questions. Our goal is to help you move into the next phase of life as painlessly as possible — and that requires a thoughtful, comprehensive solution.

The Importance Of Responsive, Empathetic Counsel

If you are coming to us at a difficult and emotional time, the last thing you want is for your case to get lost in the shuffle, or to be made to feel like you are a cog in the machine. We refuse to let that happen to you.

When you choose our law firm, you will work directly with attorney Michelle A. Barry. She holds a B.A. in psychology and is also certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a family law mediator.

You can rely on her to provide honest, compassionate counsel and to be readily available when you have concerns. She strives to return all phone calls and emails promptly.

Call Us For A Free Consultation With A Lawyer

Call our law office in Longwood, Florida, at 407-622-4529 or send us an email today to find out how we can help. A free 15-minute initial telephone consultation is available to discuss your case. Email documents to us prior to a call for the most beneficial use of your time. In-person consultations are available at a reduced rate that will be put toward a retainer.

Ms. Barry advises and represents clients in Seminole County, across Central Florida and throughout Florida.