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Can unmarried couples adopt?

As an unmarried couple in Florida, you may have no interest in tying the knot any time soon. However, that might not change your desire to raise a family and have children. If adoption is an option that appeals to you, you may first be wondering if it is even available to unmarried parents.

What are some signs that income is being hidden from you?

When you and your partner split, you may realize that some things aren’t adding up financially. Florida divorcees like yourself have a right to equal monetary compensation, so we at Michelle A. Barry, P.A., believe that you should have an eye peeled if you feel like money is being hidden from you by your spouse.

How do you handle domestic violence accusations during a divorce?

As a Florida resident seeking a divorce, you can prepare yourself for a long and sometimes trying road. However, if domestic violence accusations are thrown into the mix, you will have even more complexities to deal with that can lengthen the process much further than anticipated and throw in additional complications.

What are some reasons you should consider adopting?

As someone settling down in Florida and preparing for the family life, you may have considered adoption before. There are plenty of things to consider when this choice is on the table, but what are some of the most common reasons that people just like you end up adopting?

Why is it important to look up property division laws?

Not all divorcing couples may know about the fact that property division laws can differ from state to state. This can have a big impact on the way that a couple can divide or share both their properties and their financial burdens alike, which is why knowing about property division laws is important.

Rise in grandparents raising grandchildren

Florida residents may be interested to know that children are increasingly being raised by grandparents when their parents are unable to care for them. Growing efforts by child services to house children with family rather than with strangers have resulted in the number of children living with grandparents doubling between 2000 and 2010.

Florida advocacy groups disagree over alimony bill

A battle between different groups over Florida divorce law has stalled after the veto of a bill to end permanent alimony. Certain local fathers and their representatives are agitating for the governor and legislature to re-examine the way the state structures its divorce court.

Alimony is becoming an increasingly gender-less issue

Florida’s alimony laws have been a major source of controversy over the past few years. There has been a big push by reform advocates to do away with permanent alimony and to change the way awards and award durations are calculated.

Prenuptial agreements: more common and valuable than you may think

Prenuptial agreements have been around for a long time; and for most of that time, they have had a bad reputation. Many people used to think of a prenuptial agreement as something a millionaire might request when marrying a young "trophy wife." These documents have been used like this in the past, but they are now coming into more widespread use and acceptance. 

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