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Child Support Archives

What can happen if you don’t pay child support?

When you and your partner split, the financial burden of the child is still left up to both of you. To that end, child support is made mandatory under Florida law in order to ensure that the child gets as much financial support as possible. You can face legal consequences for skipping out on it.

Who is financially responsible for your kids, post-divorce?

Divorces can become complicated when children are involved. This is especially true when it comes to determining financial responsibilities after a split. You may have questions like: after a divorce, who is primarily responsible for footing the financial bill of your kids?

Unpaid child support burdens both parents and taxpayers

Single parents of Seminole County know firsthand the financial damage caused by the other parent’s failure to keep up with child support payments. However, many people may be unaware that unpaid child support can also burden taxpayers, particularly when the parent awaiting payment is forced to go on public assistance.

Florida mother frustrated with state child support system

Raising a child requires both emotional and financial commitment. When a single parent cannot rely on child support payments from the other parent, it can generate a lot of stress. In some Florida cases, delayed payments are caused by delinquency on the part of noncustodial parents. However, there are also situations in which a state child support system may be responsible for problems with payment delivery.

Child support obligations accrue during imprisonment

In a perfect world, all parents would pay their child support on time. Unfortunately, there are many situations in which Longwood parents do not receive their payments. Incarceration, for example, may result in a loss of child support payments during the imprisoned parent’s sentence. At the law firm of Michelle A. Barry, we understand how difficult these situations are for parents who depend on child support to raise their children. As such, we work hard to ensure that custodial parents understand what may occur when noncustodial parents go to prison.       

Facebook posts snag deadbeat parents

When parents in Florida and around the country do not pay their court-ordered child support, there are consequences. An assistant district attorney in Wisconsin is finding information on Facebook to help prosecute parents who are behind in their child support payments. Social media could be used in the same way to catch delinquent parents all over the country.

Beyonce's dad gets child support reduced

Florida residents may be interested to learn that Beyonce Knowles' father found himself in family court recently. The singer had fired him as her manager in 2011, reportedly resulting in a substantial drop in his income. As a result, he filed court papers seeking a downward modification to his child support obligation.

Florida child support lapses lead to driver's license suspension

After parents split up, it may be necessary to reach a child support settlement. In order to meet the necessary costs of child care, one parent may need to provide payments on a monthly basis. Failure to uphold the terms of this arrangement can create serious financial difficulty for the custodial parent and legal trouble for the parent required to make payments.

Father faces jail for child support debt even though he's paid up

Being a parent is a big responsibility. Just because two parents may no longer be with each other doesn't mean this duty goes away. Fortunately, many people are glad to accept their role as a parent, no matter the circumstances.

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