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What are some signs that income is being hidden from you?

When you and your partner split, you may realize that some things aren’t adding up financially. Florida divorcees like yourself have a right to equal monetary compensation, so we at Michelle A. Barry, P.A., believe that you should have an eye peeled if you feel like money is being hidden from you by your spouse.

The total sum of income is taken into consideration when making divisions for child support or spousal support payment. You should be aware of some tricks that some people may use to make their overall income seem less than it really is. For example, some people may undervalue their assets on purpose, or they might make up expense reports that never actually occurred. Another very common trick is reporting a net income that isn’t matched up with the actual payroll of their job.

You should also pay careful attention to credit card bills. Some spouses might claim debt without having any documentation to back it up. Or you might find at the last moment that certain bills don’t line up, or that more or less is being spent monthly than you have been told. If you have not been paying attention to your assets throughout the majority of the marriage, catching up may be a daunting task but it is entirely necessary.

These situations can be tricky and might require additional guidance as you try to figure things out. If you would like to read more about potential signs of hidden income or other monetary signs to be on the lookout for, please check out our web page for more information.

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