Your Questions Deserve Answers


Nearly everyone has had some type of legal issue, questioned why their issue had to be resolved a certain way, and was told some version of, "That's just the way it is." The reasons people are frustrated by the legal system include lack of understanding as to how it works, confusion as to what the law can and cannot do, and little to no knowledge of the specific procedures that must be followed to resolve legal matters. More often than not, explanations offered by attorneys as to why cases turned out like they did invoke childhood memories of being told, "Because."


Attorney Michelle A. Barry implements a client-friendly way to navigate the legal system and a comprehensive way of using this system to accomplish client goals. Attorney Barry's approach allows clients to understand the supposedly arcane workings of the law and how it applies to their cases, because, in her words, "Informed clients are happy clients." This approach is, at its core, a true application of the counseling aspect of being an attorney and counselor at law.

People want to know why and how certain facts about their cases could cause certain outcomes. People want to know if what they seek to accomplish is legally viable. People want to be informed and to make informed decisions. Attorney Barry provides the counseling as to what choices are available, what outcomes are likely, why those outcomes would be likely, and then acts upon her informed clients' decisions.

Your Questions Deserve Answers

It is the client's job to know what goals they have in any given legal matter. It's the attorney's job to enable the client to reach those goals. While attorney Barry cannot change the law or the rules of court, she makes it a point to ensure every client understands the "why" behind them so you can work together toward the solution you need. Call our Central Florida office at 407-622-4529 or contact us online today.