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Many people think of probate as a "dirty term," but it's actually a term of administration. It is used to give effect to a person's last will. When you draft a will, you're essentially telling the court what to do with your assets and debts during the probate process. Without probate, the will is pointless.

The law firm of Michelle A. Barry, P.A., in Longwood helps families throughout Central Florida and across the state navigate the estate planning and probate process. We understand the stress and grief that you are dealing with during this difficult time and we truly want to help you through it with confidence.

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Not All Levels Of Probate Require An Executor

The Florida probate process comes in many forms. Some are far more complex than others. If the decedent's assets are worth more than $75,000 or if there are multiple heirs, for instance, the court will appoint an executor of the estate.

However, the administration of simple estates can usually be accomplished through the "summary administration" process. This involves nothing more than a petition and a court order. An executor is not needed.

All Levels Of Probate Require A Lawyer

Sometimes probate is very simple: one document in, one order out. At other times, the court demands a complete accounting of every single asset.

No matter the situation, certain legal documents must be filed at particular points of the process. That's why the assistance of a lawyer is so critical. The Florida courts are not willing to muddle through homemade pleadings.

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