Redefining Your Identity And Severing Old Ties

Few things in life are more central to your identity than your name. It speaks volumes about who you are and to whom you are intimately connected.

If you joyfully took your spouse's name when you married, you may be equally glad to be rid of it after your divorce. Reverting back to your maiden name is more than a legal technicality — it is a way to further sever the ties between you and the person you are leaving.

At the law firm of Michelle A. Barry, P.A., we assist women and men throughout Central Florida and across the state who want to change their names as part of the marital dissolution process. Attorney Michelle A. Barry has years of experience in a wide array of family law matters, including name changes. She can easily guide you through the paperwork necessary to formalize the matter for you or your children.

Do You Really Need A Lawyer To Change Your Name?

You may be wondering if you truly need an attorney to assist you with your name change in Florida. Can't you just fill out the paperwork yourself?

The fact of the matter is that legal documents may look simple and straightforward at first glance, but they are usually far more complex than people realize. Reading and writing English well is not enough. You must also know the law. It's too easy to check the wrong box on legal forms, to misunderstand a definition or to enter incorrect information.

By working with attorney Michelle A. Barry, you can count on having things done right the first time. She will be able to explain the steps you should be taking and the mistakes to avoid. With her guidance, you can rest assured you are doing things in accordance with the law.

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