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The law firm of Michelle A. Barry, P.A., is committed to providing strong representation in divorce matters throughout Central Florida and across the state. To do this, we provide answers to your most frequently asked questions concerning divorce:

What Is The Difference Between Contested And Uncontested Divorce?

Contested divorce cases are adversarial affairs with the outcome decided by a judge in a court of law. Uncontested divorce cases involve relatively amicable splits where the parties are often able to reach an agreement on most major issues. We can let you know which approach is right for your case.

Is It Better To Go Through Mediation Or Traditional Divorce Proceedings?

In the state of Florida, mediation is required for couples going through traditional divorce proceedings. If you settle outside of mediation and court proceedings, then the courts will allow you to follow through with a divorce without first having to go through mediation.

Settling outside of mediation may still require a neutral arbitrator to be present. If you cannot resolve your case, then a mediator is brought in to finish matters before things go to court.

Will Criminal Charges Have An Impact On My Divorce Case?

Divorce is a stressful process for anyone. The added emotional burden can lead to people making poor choices, which sometimes result in criminal charges. A criminal conviction will undoubtedly impact certain terms of your divorce agreement. The good news is our attorney has worked as both a prosecutor and a criminal defense lawyer in the past. We understand the criminal justice system, and we will work hard to minimize the damage a criminal charge can bring to both your life and your divorce proceeding.

Is It Possible To Get A Dissolution Of My Domestic Partnership?

Rapid changes to the law governing gay marriage, including the Supreme Court's recent recognition of gay marriage, have raised a lot of questions about what it means to be a domestic partner. We can meet with you to determine whether a dissolution of your domestic partnership is something worth pursuing or whether another legal avenue may be preferable.

My Spouse And I Have Significant Assets. Does This Change My Divorce Case?

High-asset divorce cases are typically more complicated than a "straightforward" divorce largely because of the amount of money at stake. Businesses, overseas accounts, stock options and real estate are all typical components of these cases. It is important to ensure that all assets are properly identified and valued to ensure a fair and equitable property division.

What Should I Look For In A Divorce Attorney?

When it comes time to getting legal representation for your divorce proceeding, you will not only want an attorney who understands the law, but you will also want one who is committed to your best interests and to handling your case with compassion. We are committed to doing everything we can to help you achieve a positive outcome in your case.

Are There Any Things I Should Consider After My Divorce Has Been Finalized?

Once your divorce filing has been finalized, it is tempting to put everything behind you and begin moving forward with your life. However, there may be other considerations, such as the beneficiaries in your estate planning documents, which need to be addressed. We will take a thorough review of your situation and inform you of any additional steps you may wish to take.

What Is An Equitable Distribution Of Property?

When it comes to property division, Florida follows the rule of equitable distribution. In essence, this means that property is to be divided fairly between the two parties. It is important to make the distinction that a fair settlement rarely works out being an even 50-50 split. We understand how to identify, classify and value assets and debt to help you achieve an equitable settlement.

If A Prenuptial Agreement Was Signed, Is It Enforceable During Divorce Proceedings?

The answer to this question depends on how well the prenuptial agreement was crafted. Each spouse should have had their own counsel who is equally qualified to draft a prenuptial contract, and the contract must fall in accordance with Florida law on prenuptial agreements.

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