How To Select The Right Divorce Lawyer For You

At the law firm of Michelle A. Barry, P.A., we believe that selecting a divorce lawyer is a very important decision. You obviously want someone experienced in Florida divorce law, but that's not all. You also want an attorney who is genuinely committed to your best interests and who is compassionate toward your situation. In other words, you need a combination of strength and sensitivity.

Attorney Michelle A. Barry exemplifies both of these qualities. As a former martial arts champion and a former criminal prosecutor, she has proven herself to be strong and aggressive in pursuit of her goals. With a degree in psychology and certification from the Florida Supreme Court as a family law mediator, she also has a keen understanding of the emotional side of the case.

We Are Focused On P.E.A.C.E.

We use the acronym P.E.A.C.E. to describe both our ultimate goal and our approach to guiding clients through divorce proceedings and other family law issues:

  • Parenting — Negotiating child custody and visitation arrangements
  • Equitable distribution — Dividing marital assets and debts
  • Alimony — Helping a dependent spouse maintain a certain standard of living
  • Child support — Contributing toward the cost of raising the children
  • Everything else — Addressing all other divorce-related concerns

Based in Longwood, Florida, we have been working to protect the rights of people throughout Central Florida and across the state since day one. We help clients facing all types of family law issues, and we commit ourselves to doing everything we can to reach a positive outcome in every case.

Schedule A Confidential Consultation

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A free 15-minute initial telephone consultation is available to discuss your case. Email documents to us prior to a call for the most beneficial use of your time. In-person consultations are available at a reduced rate that will be put toward a retainer. We accept credit cards for your convenience.