When Do Child Support Obligations End?

One of the most common questions our clients have is, "When do child support obligations end?" The answer to this varies from case to case. Generally, payments stop when the child turns 18. However, there are many potential exceptions. Here are a few:

  • Your child has special needs.
  • Your child is still in high school but expects to graduate before age 19.
  • The paying parent agreed to a support order that lasts longer.
  • The paying parent owes past-due support.
  • The support order was created in a different state and requires payments to continue longer.

Special Circumstances: Paying Beyond A Support Order

For some parents, just because their child reaches age 18 doesn't mean they want to stop supporting their child. In some cases, a parent may want to continue providing financial support even though they are not obligated to do so by order of the court.

If you are a parent who wants to help your child after he or she turns 18, such as helping them pay for a college education, our firm, Michelle A. Barry, P.A., can help you make these arrangements in your divorce agreement.

Providing Skilled Assistance With All Other Child Support Concerns

Attorney Michelle A. Barry can assist you with all types of child support issues and concerns. She can help you seek a favorable child support settlement, clearly explaining your rights and working to ensure that all financial information is fully disclosed for calculation purposes. She knows the Florida child support guidelines, and she knows the rules that govern how the guidelines are applied.

Ms. Barry can also help enforce an existing court order, if the other parent is failing to comply with it. She also represents men who believe they are not the biological fathers and should not be compelled to pay support. She helps establish paternity and puts a stop to unwarranted obligations.

Discuss Your Situation During A Consultation

If you're looking for an experienced family law attorney who will work with you to find the best resolution for your situation, then contact Michelle A. Barry, P.A. We serve clients throughout Central Florida and the state, offering advice and guidance on all family law matters.

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