Does Child Support Include Paying For College?

Unlike some states, Florida does not require child support payments to continue for children after they have graduated high school. However, you can set up support payments for college education as part of your divorce agreement. If financial support for college is agreed upon, then those payments will be enforceable by law unless a modification to a divorce agreement is sought by one of the parties.

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Length Of Support Payments For College

If you or your spouse agrees to pay child support while your kids are in college, you can generally be expected to make those payments until your children graduate. However, like all child support matters the terms of the agreement are not set in stone.

If you or your ex experiences a substantial change in your life's circumstances, it is possible to seek modification of your child support agreement. Whether you are looking for a modification or whether your ex wishes to modify the terms of your agreement, we are here to help.

Child Support Orders From Other States

Although Florida does not require child support payments to continue following high school graduation, other states do. If you entered into a child support agreement in a state that requires payments for college expenses, that agreement will be enforced in the state of Florida. If you have moved here from another state, lawyer Michelle A. Barry can let you know what this means for your divorce decree.

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