Every Child Deserves Financial Support From Both Parents

Whether you need to enforce a court order for child support or you are being wrongly asked to pay, turn to the law firm of Michelle A. Barry, P.A. We help clients throughout Central Florida and across the state to effectively protect their children's financial interests.

We have a thorough understanding of Florida law, and we will work tirelessly to reach an agreement that meets your family's needs. We know how important proper financial support is for a child after the dissolution of a marriage, which is why we will do what it takes to make arrangements that are in the child's best interests.

Raising Your Child One Paycheck At A Time

Many parents who are required to pay child support have a wrong view of the matter. They believe that it's an unfair requirement, that they are being forced to give up their hard-earned money to an ex-spouse who neither needs it nor deserves it. As a result, a parent may choose to conceal their true income as a way of getting back at their ex-spouse.

This is not the purpose behind child support. Even though the ex-spouse is cashing the check, the money is intended to benefit the children. Essentially, the paying parent is helping raise his or her children one paycheck at a time. That money is placing food on the child's plate, keeping a roof over the child's head and meeting other needs.

Penalties For Failing To Pay Support

If your child's other parent fails to follow the obligation set forth by a court order for child support, you have options. The Florida Department of Revenue takes these matters seriously. "Deadbeat dads" and "deadbeat moms" are in danger of many different potential penalties, including:

  • Wage garnishment
  • Driver's license suspension
  • Liens on personal property
  • Intercepted income tax refunds
  • Passport denials
  • Jail time

Learn More And Start Protecting Your Rights

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