Sharing Your Children's Time For Good Parenting

The traditional visitation schedule, where dad gets every other weekend and one night a week, is outdated and slowly being replaced. The Florida courts today recognize that a father is more than a figurehead — he is a vital part of his children's lives. Because of this, the courts try hard to start from a position of parental equality.

Attorney Michelle A. Barry is an equal advocate for both mothers and fathers in parenting and time-sharing issues. She can help you create an arrangement that is fair and effective, not to mention tailored to your unique situation.

Who Creates The Time-Sharing Schedule?

During divorce proceedings, parents can either agree on a parenting plan and time-sharing schedule during mediation or the court can create one for them. Parenting plans that are agreed to by the parents generally go more smoothly than those imposed by the court. Once a parenting plan is approved by the court, it cannot be changed without either a written agreement between parties or a formal request for a modification.

Important Questions To Consider

Here are just a few points to consider when creating a time-sharing schedule:

  • What hours and days does each parent work?
  • What is your child's school schedule?
  • Is your child enrolled in sports or any other extracurricular activities?
  • Who will watch your child during summer breaks and/or holidays?
  • If your child is sick, which parent will take time off?
  • Does either parent have any important vacations planned?
  • When will your child spend time with grandparents or other close family members?
  • Will you take turns picking your child up at the other parent's house, meet halfway or make the transfer in some other manner?

Discuss Your Situation During A Consultation

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