Making Your Role As A Stepparent More Important

Blended families come in all shapes and sizes — from single parents marrying someone without children to divorced parents, each with children, remarrying later in life. While it can be exciting for stepparents to find themselves in a new situation, over time, relationships will likely form with stepchildren that may eventually turn into a desire to become a more important part of the children's lives.

Unfortunately, decisions concerning a child's care can only be decided by a person with parental rights. Unless a stepparent has these rights granted to them by a court, a stepparent may not get to take on a bigger role in the child's life like they want.

Put Our Experience And Knowledge To Work For You And Your Family

At the law office of Michelle A. Barry, P.A., we understand the strong urge some stepparents have to go from being a stepparent to a parent. We also understand that the process to do this is complex and requires help from an experienced attorney.

Attorney Michelle A. Barry not only knows Florida family laws, but she knows the adoption process stepparents need to follow in order to establish parental rights as well as child custody. We can assist in situations where:

  • A parent loses their parental rights because of neglect, substance abuse or domestic violence allegations
  • One parent dies and the other remarries
  • The couple is the same sex

We Facilitate Proceedings So You Don't Have To

As is the case with any custody issue, courts in Florida do not see gender when making custody determinations. So whether you're a mother or father, know that your rights will be honored but that the ultimate decision must be in the best interests of the children.

As such, a lawyer from our firm will make sure you understand the law and your rights — as well as the ones you don't have because paternity has not been established. Once we have assessed your case and you understand the situation, we can help you file paperwork and effectively talk to judges.

Give Us A Call To Schedule A Consultation

At Michelle A. Barry, P.A., we believe in doing what's best for the children while also finding custody arrangements that meet the needs of parents and stepparents alike. We pride ourselves on resolving custody and parental rights' issues amicably, but if situations break down, we are not afraid to aggressively argue a client's case.

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