Is Parental Alienation Affecting Your Parenting Arrangements?

Hostile-aggressive parenting (HAP) is a form of emotional child abuse that often results in the child or children suffering from parental alienation syndrome (PAS). HAP involves one parent planting seeds of dissension by restricting contact with children that the other parent is entitled to and manipulating a son or daughter through constant criticism of the other parent.

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Proactive And Individualized Strategies In Complex Child Custody Disputes

Everything done in the drafting and enforcement of parenting plans is to maintain strong post-divorce relationships with your children and meet your family's unique needs as it relates to work schedules and school extracurricular activities. Hostile-aggressive parenting that leads to parental alienation syndrome undermines custody agreements and parent-child relationships.

Parenting plans detail the responsibilities of each parent and certain considerations, including time-sharing schedules and decision-making authority. Yet, the best-drafted agreement will not prevent parents from deviating from the plan and passing on their hostility to their own children.

Personalized Legal Services When You Need Them Most

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