It's Never OK To Take A Child Without The Other Parent's Permission

When parents divorce or separate, a custody arrangement is made that has a focus on the child's best interests. But when a parent violates that order by fleeing with the child to another state or country, that parent is no longer focusing on the child's best interests, only their own.

Parental abductions are not only stressful and infuriating for the parents who are left behind, they can also be incredibly damaging to the child. By distancing the child from one parent, the other parent takes away precious time needed to forge a strong parent/child bond, which may eventually lead to psychological and behavioral issues.

Fighting To Uphold A Parent's Right To See Their Child

At the law office of Michelle A. Barry, P.A., we make sure that both custodial and noncustodial parents are upholding their end of a child custody agreement. If either parent violates the court order by taking the child to another state or country without the other parent's permission, we seek help from state and foreign jurisdictions as well as law enforcement agencies to enforce the custody order and have the child returned.

Whether we're working to enforce the Uniform Custody Act in another state or determining the application of the Hague Convention in another country, you can rest assured that attorney Michelle A. Barry will use her skill and extensive knowledge in family law to resolve the legal issue efficiently and correctly.

Working Through Conflicts Amicably

Whether a family kidnapping was sparked by a disagreement between parents after divorce proceedings or because of a dispute over paternity with unmarried parents, our main goal is to work through a custody dispute amicably for the sake of the child.

You can rest assured when you retain our services that we will fight to protect your parental rights and enforce the custody order established by the courts. You don't have to fight this fight alone. We can help.

Consult With A Lawyer Today

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