Helping Grandparents Explore Their Legal Options

In many families, grandparents play a pivotal role in raising their grandchildren. Although grandparents' rights are not necessarily covered by statute in Florida, there are legal options available that ensure the continuation of the grandchild/grandparent relationship.

At Michelle A. Barry, P.A., we help grandparents throughout Central Florida and the state in legal matters that affect their relationships with their grandchildren, particularly in cases where there are allegations of neglect, abuse or violence. Whether we're helping a grandparent seek temporary custody through a court order or attempting to make a custody arrangement permanent, we guide our clients through the process from beginning to end.

Temporary Custody By A Grandparent

A grandparent in Florida can seek temporary custody of a grandchild in certain circumstances. If a parent is unable to provide care for a child, or if the health or safety of a child is at risk by living with his or her parent, a grandparent may seek temporary custody.

Legal Services For Changing Families

As times change, families change. It is common today for grandparents to raise their grandchildren, for multiple generations to live in one household and for children to be raised by one parent. At the law office of Michelle A. Barry, P.A., we offer legal services to assist families of all shapes and sizes in a variety of legal matters:

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